Douglas of Granny’s Rose is an extremely successful mixture of his two parents, Timanfaya Farshany of Jomarquiteira and Chester Ysbrand of Stetteritz. If the shape of his head is more from his mom, the freckles and the coat point to his dad at the latest. All in all, Douglas resembles his sister Dorelie, but of course he is more strongly built and has a little more fur, as is usual with males.

Douglas is a friendly and lovable dog, likes his four-legged buddies and his two-legged ones even more, of course. Douglas lives with three children in his family, so he doesn’t mind any hustle and bustle. Douglas is very cuddly (which he gets from both parents) and loves to play with children, adults and other dogs.

Douglas likes woods and meadows and loves to exercise outside, so something like nature agility. Water is a welcome change, though Douglas is more of a water tober than a swimmer. With a ball, Douglas can be coaxed into almost any game. Of course Douglas takes very good care of his family and home, he is very teachable and obedient.

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Douglas of Granny’s Rose is only available for breeding in FCI kennels.

Things to know about Cyrano


Name: Douglas of Granny’s Rose
Date of Birth:
4 March 2016
VDH/DCK 16/162 1567
Dam: Timanfaya Farshany von Jomarquiteira
Sire: Chester Ysbrand vom Stetteritz
4 October 2017
Number of Puppies:
35 in 5 Litters


Patellar Luxation (PL):
0/0 – free
Dental Status:
complete scissor bite
Von-Willebrand: free
ENM: free
Eye diseases:
o.B. – free
Breeding Appr. Exam:
22 July 2017
41 cm


30.04.2017 SRA Bramsche Jugendklasse, Richterin: I. Bonnez (DK) SG
10.06.2017 CACIB Hannover Zwischenklasse, Richterin: M. Supronowicz (PL) V2 Res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
11.06.2017 Annual Trophy Show Hannover Zwischenklasse, Richter: H.Kliebenstein SG3



21 March 2018 – von der Wiesbachaue (D) – Dam: Clementine Shannah vom Malvengarten – 4 male/3 female

27 April 2018 – Qunack’s Favor (NL) – Dam: Qunack’s Favor Kindly Katharina – 1 male/4 female

26 May 2018 – vom Aaseeufer (D) – Dam: Amilia Quinda von der Luherheide – 3 male/4 female

6 November 2018 – Z.Plouznické Stájé (CZ) – Dam: Cleopatra Z.Plouznické Stájé – 8 male/2 female

21 February 2019 – vom Erlenring (D) – Dam: Bianca-Mausi vom Erlenring – 3 male/3 female


Alexandra Knipper
Fledermausweg 48
49716 Meppen
Tel. 05931 4964596


TheKnipper Family