Chuck of Granny’s Rose

Chuck of Granny’s Rose (called „Jussi“) lives with his family between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea at the very top of the country, in Flensburg. And as befits a true Förde-Kooiker, he loves the water very much. Whether long walks along the coast, swimming, retrieving sticks or balls, romping – it doesn’t matter, a day at the sea is a good day for him.

He is a compatible, obedient male who is also a peaceful playmate to most other dogs. His family often hears from other dog owners the phrase, „Actually, our dog doesn’t like to play at all – only with Jussi he/she totally likes it.“ He ignores typical barkers. He respects rejection behavior of other dogs. Hears very well on 360 days of the year so far – on other days, the scent of bitches in heat probably hangs in his little nose – and that not only makes him blind, but also deaf.

Jussi is very trusting, loyal and loving towards his whole family (including children, grandparents and close friends). His home he protects. Pays attention, but does not get aggressive. He loves to be around all the time and discover new things. Likes car and camper driving very much and accompanies his family quietly and easily to campsites, hotels or guesthouses. He is firmly integrated into family life and behaves himself even in the office.

Jussi enjoys stable, robust health. The vet has only seen him for mandatory appointments and once to remove a deeply embedded splinter.

He is not always afraid of the dark. Especially when something is different than usual on familiar paths. There the otherwise sovereign dog loses his nerves for a short time and barks, but can be calmed down again quickly or notices his misbehavior himself. Then you almost have the impression that he is embarrassed, according to the motto „hopefully no one has seen“.

His will to work is great, he wants to please and do everything right. And so he solves set tasks e.g. in the dog school without problems, fast and joyfully. Jussi likes to be eager to do things. He is a persistent runner who loves search and fetch games. He can and likes tricks as well. His hunting instinct could be reduced to a minimum by his family through appropriate training. He would not run away because of a scent. Jussi is not a typical lap dog, but gets his daily dose of cuddles and closeness, so he also loves to be brushed extensively. In the morning he likes to sleep long and – typical Kooiker: for a treat he leaves everything.

A judge wrote in her report about Jussi among other things „Happy Temperament“, with which she hit the nail on the head: He has a sense of humor, if you can say that about a dog? Otherwise we just call it great joy of life. When he is happy, the whole dog wiggles.

Things to know about Chuck


Name: Chuck of Granny’s Rose
Call Name: Jussi
Date of Birth: 02.03.2016
Reg.-No.: VDH/DCK 16/162 1564
Dam: Ina-Mimi vom Sturmfeld
Sire: Connor Imandra vom Kooikerbeis
Breeding-App.: 6 March 2016
Number of Puppies: 8 puppies in two litters


Patellar Luxation (PL): 0/0 – free
Dental Status: complete scissor bite
Von-Willebrand: free
ENM: free
Eye diseases: o.B. – free
Breeding Appr. Exam: 6 Aug. 2017
Height: 39 cm


30.04.2017 SRA Bramsche Jugendklasse, Richterin: I. Bonnez (DK) SG
06.08.2017 CAC Bremen Zwischenklasse, Richter: Dr. R. Schill (RO) V3
01.10.2017 CACIB Rostock Zwischenklasse, Richter: L. Jancik (CZ) V1 Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH, Res. CAC/CACIB



28 March 2020 – Wildas (S) – Dam: Daisy vom Löninger Hasetal – 4 males

21 June 2021 – of Placid Roses (D) – Dam: Dotty of Granny’s Rose – 3 males/ 1 bitch


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Adelbyer Kirchenweg 2
24943 Flensburg
Telefon: 0461. 120 790 81 oder 0461. 50 90 158


Stefanie Kolwe und Bernd Siemen