Cyrano of Granny’s Rose is a real Mimi son and at least outwardly daddy Connor has contributed a little less to this splendid boy. Cyrano, who is called „Cooper“ by his family, is – like actually all Kooikerhondje of Granny’s Rose – a real cuddly bear. His favorite hobbies are „stealing“ his master’s slippers, bringing back thrown toys including running, jumping and romping in the garden.

At least in the warm season Cyrano loves water and everything you can do in it, including swimming, jumping around and other fun things.

Cyrano is quite a sociable guy who loves to play with other dogs. At home he is vigilant and no one is advised to enter the house or property without permission or with malicious intent. That’s where the fun stops and even the cool and always friendly Cyrano can suddenly become quite serious.

Below are several icons under which you can find more information about this beautiful stud dog. Of course, interested people will also find the contact details of the Welz family.

Cyrano of Granny’s Rose is only available for mating in FCI kennels.

Things to know about Cyrano


Name: Cyrano of Granny’s Rose
Call Name: Cooper
Date of Birth: 2 March 2016
Reg.-No.: VDH/DCK 16/162 1566
Dam: Ina-Mimi vom Sturmfeld
Sire: Connor Imandra vom Kooikerbeis
Breeding-Appr.: 4 Oct. 2017
Number of Puppies: 8 in 1 Litter


Patellar Luxation (PL): 0/0 – free
Dental Status: complete scissor bite
Von-Willebrand: free
ENM: free
Eye diseases: o.B. – free
Breeding Appr. Exam: 22 July 2017
Height: 41 cm


30.04.2017 SRA Bramsche Jugendklasse, Richterin: I. Bonnez (DK) V4
01.07.2017 CAC Meisdorf Zwischenklasse, Richterin: H. Assenmacher-Feyl SG4
16.09.2017 SRA Alsfeld Zwischenklasse, Richterin: A.Pokorn (SLO) V2 Res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
05.05.2019 SRA Bramsche Offene Klasse, Richter: E.Deutscher (A) SG
15.09.2018 SRA Alsfeld Offene Klasse, Richter: P.Jentgen (LUX) V2 Res.Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH
04.05.2019 SRA Bramsche Offene Klasse, Richterin: P.Richard-Douma (F) V
14.09.2019 SRA Alsfeld Offene Klasse, Richter: G.Schäfer (D) V



26 April 2019 – of Placid Roses (D) – Dam: Dotty of Granny’s Rose – 6 male/2 female


Frank und Sylke Welz
Eilmecke 20
59581 Warstein-Allagen
Tel.: 02925 3447


The Welz Family with Cyrano